Tracey Wathall

Joining Edwinstowe House as an apprentice in 1991 Tracey has established herself as a highly motivated and experienced Centre Manager. With over 25 years’ experience Tracey has overseen the growth of more than 200 businesses based at Edwinstowe House.

She has a proven track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve the efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase productivity for both Edwinstowe House based businesses and clients using the training, conferencing, and meeting room facilities.

Direct: 01623 827921

Mobile: 07799 116925

Email: tracey@woodhead-group.co.uk

Clumber Consultancy

When Darren Toms left his job with an international insurance group, he didn’t expect to be setting up his own business. But thanks to the support of the team at Edwinstowe House which is managed by Woodhead Enterprise, the North-Notts-based entrepreneur is seeing his business grow exponentially. Clumber Consultancy provides pension scheme solutions to insolvency practitioners looking to maintain pension scheme entitlement for the beneficiaries when a firm goes into insolvency....

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