Sustainable Office Improvements at Edwinstowe House

Edwinstowe House



Find a more sustainable office at Edwinstowe House 

Edwinstowe House is home to a thriving business community in North Nottinghamshire.  Edwinstowe House has a really exciting range of tenants from a wide range of sectors and industries creating a friendly melting pot of collaboration and business expertise.  Recently the centre has taken great strides forward in reducing the carbon emissions, creating a more sustainable office environment by undertaking a number of  improvements.  

The key achievement of the work outlined below is that Edwinstowe House has improved its Energy Performance Certificate from a “E” to a “C. Considering the nature, age and scale of the building this is an exceptional achievement.  Let’s take a look at what has been delivered…


  • We have installed roof level Solar PV, generating enough electricity to run up to 100 workstations.
  • Lighting across the common circulation areas are now “PIR”, meaning it consumes less energy to light the building.
  • Efficient LED lights with high lumen output per watt.  The additional benefits include lower maintenance cost as they have a longer life.  
  • Within selected open plan offices, we have installed zonal lighting, which is lunar sensor controlled, thereby creating separate, independently controlled zones which means that we can switch off or dim lights in certain areas and increase it in others. For example, we can switch off lights near windows to take advantage of natural daylight but keep them on further into the room. 


  • We have installed 4 separate heating zones, which are serviced by 4 separate localised boilers.  Our thermostatically controlled heating system enable optimised heating controls measures to be applied to working areas. Localised controls mean we can turn off heating in unoccupied areas, therefore not only saving on energy costs but also reducing our overall carbon emissions.  

Building Fabric

  • Ironmongery on all communal door sets are designed to auto close with enhanced security settings through access control systems. This not only provides security, fire protections but prevents heat loss. Therefore, reducing energy uses on the gas boilers.  
  • We have upgraded windows to reduce heat loss and reduces the demand on the gas boiler, thus reducing our overall carbon emissions. 
  • The team have also invested in creating a beautiful, landscaped garden to boost wildlife and biodiversity as well as providing tenants a refreshing break from the usual office environment.


  • All taps within the kitchen areas are installed with undercounter electrical heaters, giving the added benefit of only needed to heat the amount of water that is required. This low-cost solution helps save 40-60% energy cost which otherwise gets wasted due to heating large water tanks.
  • All toilets have dual flush buttons, thus saving on water consumption.   

As a thriving business centre with a range of tenants and conferencing customers we are looking forward to collaborating and working together to reduce our impact on the environment.  If your business is looking for a new place to call home, find out more today.  Edwinstowe House can also host your event!