Office Space

Flexible, inspirational and dynamic office space solutions.

What does your office say about you?

Whether people intentionally do so or not they will instantly judge your business on the office you work from.

55% of a person’s opinion is determined by what they see.  Anyone who visits your office whether it is a client or a potential employee should be met with a professional working environment that represents your business, and triggers positive reactions.

This is where Woodhead Enterprise comes in…

We provide totally flexible, inspirational and dynamic office space solutions for people to work and learn with a network of support for growth to help create the ultimate first impression for you and your clients.

We deliver this through two prime office locations in the Nottinghamshire Countryside, and in a thriving Lincolnshire Business Park.

But does office location really matter?

Of course it does! One sure-fire way of reducing your profitability is by not doing your homework on a location for your office.  Here are the top 5 things you need to take into consideration when looking at locations;

  • Neighbouring Businesses – Do your research! You need to know if the location is packed with direct competitors or filled with businesses that will complement yours.
  • Clients and target market – Speak to your clients and target market. Will they be happy with your new location?
  • Accessibility – Good transport links are a must. You want to ensure that employees/clients/visitors can access the location with ease. Would you want to locate your business where you cannot find a place to park?
  • Your image – The location needs to be representative of the brand image you want to convey to your clients.
  • Footfall – Whether or not your business relies on passing trade having a constant footfall is a simple way of raising awareness of your business.