Keeping Compliant and Protecting Your Privacy



How a Virtual Office can help

Woodhead Enterprise is home to over 50 flourishing businesses across two office locations in the East Midlands. Our Centre Managers are here to support businesses as they grow and develop. Jason James, Centre Manager at Boston Enterprise Centre shares an update on how your business can be compliant whilst protecting your personal privacy at home using a Virtual Office.

“In the digital age our privacy is now more important than ever which is why a growing number of businesses are turning to our Virtual Office product. This keeps your businesses compliant by providing a physical registered address but provides added privacy as you won’t be using your personal home address.”

One of the legal requirements when starting a limited company is to provide a registered office address. This is used by statutory bodies to send legal documents and communication. It is listed and searchable in the public domain on the Companies House website.

Jason continues, “There is lots to consider when using your private residential address for your business. Certain permissions may be required, for example, it could affect your mortgage. If you are in rented accommodation, your landlord may need to give you permission to use the address.”

Depending on the contact it could mean that you can’t undertake any business activities such as marketing, book-keeping, storage or preparation from your home.”

Using a Virtual Office can boost your image as you will be able to use a professional business address on your business cards, letterheads, emails and on social media and your website. When people search for your business location online, they will no longer be presented with an image of your house, instead they see a professional, appropriate, and perhaps familiar Business Centre. First impressions count.

If you ever need to hold a meeting, with a Virtual Office from Woodhead Enterprise, our corporate meeting rooms are accessible to you. In addition, Woodhead Enterprise provides a secure mail forwarding service as part of the package to make sure correspondence gets to you safely.

Jason concluded “We have over 90 businesses currently using us for their Virtual Offices, and we would be keen to welcome you to a Virtual Office with Woodhead Enterprise.
Woodhead Enterprise can support you in changing your address with Companies house.”

A private and professional future awaits you with a Virtual Office with Woodhead Enterprise.