Home Worker Hub at Boston Enterprise Centre

Elevate your business with flexible working

What is the Home Worker Hub?

The Home Worker Hub is an innovative, local business membership group made up of people and businesses with one thing in common – home-working. Break away from your four walls and be part of an exclusive membership group for like-minded businesses and organisations who want a great workplace with flexibility and business support, without the costs of a traditional office space.

A workplace that works for you

A traditional office isn’t right for everyone. The Home Worker Hub is ideal for small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, and start-ups. It offers a professional and flexible work environment tailored to your needs with the support of our Centre Management Team. Focus on your business, as our team can support you with mail handling, networking, and more.

  • Hot Desking

    Looking for a hot desk? Look no further. Book your space at Boston Enterprise centre from as little as £10 a day. In our Home Worker Hub, you will find a clean spacious desk ready for you to plug in and get to work. Fast Wi-Fi and car parking is included, plus, you can tap into everything Boston Enterprise Centre has to offer, such as private meeting spaces, conferencing rooms, and hybrid meeting facilities with tea and coffee on hand too!

  • Networking

    Never feel isolated again. Our Home Worker Hub is a hive of activity with a broad range of businesses coming together to collaborate. Be part of the conversation, learn, network, grow and do business together in the hub, a dedicated flexible workspace at Boston Enterprise Centre.

  • Professional Presence

    We have all got used to working from home a little more, Zoom calls in shorts, supervising the children after school, we’ve been there! Sometimes, a professional presence can go a long way. Using a the Home Worker hub will create a trustworthy and professional image, enabling you to use a business address on your social media channels, business cards, letterheads, emails and your website. When people search for your business location online they will no longer be presented with an image of your home on Google Maps, instead they see a professional, appropriate, and perhaps familiar Business Centre. First impressions count.

  • Safe and Secure

    As a Home worker Hub member, your home address can be exactly that. Your home. Protect yourself from unexpected visits, cold calls and other security risks of using your home address as a business address. If your home-based business involves high value goods or cash then your home is a potential target for criminals. With a virtual office, some of these risks can be reduced. The staff at the business centre can deal with all your visitors on your behalf and pass on messages for you to deal with at your convenience.

  • Freedom and Flexibility

    Work from anywhere at any time. Be a digital nomad. Many people like to buy from local businesses. Your business address might work perfectly in your local area but it may be off-putting to potential clients from other towns or counties. This is easily resolved by joining the Home Worker Hub in the very location where you want to expand. Consider using virtual offices in different locations as part of your marketing and business expansion strategy. Scale up or scale down at your own pace with a virtuial office.

  • Post and Call Forwarding

    Never miss a delivery, let our reception team sign and securely store your post and parcels. We can also be your reception team with our call forwarding functions. This will enable you to have a local dialling code associated with your business.

  • Access to Business Support

    As a Home Worker Hub member with Woodhead Enterprise, you can tap into a range of facilities on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. One week you might need support with the scanning or photocopying of documents, the next you might require a small room to conduct interviews or a conference room to deliver a collaborative workshop with your team. You may just need to get away from the everyday distractions at home to focus on an important project.  The Hub is a highly flexible extension to your own business.

  • Cost Effective

    Joining the Home Worker Hub is a great step into business whithout risking cash flow, keep the cost of commuting and transportation, office equipment, office maintenance and overheads down with a hot desk. This allows you to save money and concentrate your finances where you need them most – by investing them back into your business.

Growing business together

As members of the Home Worker Hub, you will benefit from a 20% referral fee* for any new members you bring forward to the group. Our Centre Manager will also introduce you to other businesses, helping you settle into the Home Worker Hub and enabling you to make valuable business connections.

*Terms and conditions apply, please speak to the Centre Manager for more details.

Be part of the Home Worker Hub from £0.69 a day!


    "Boston Enterprise Centre provides me with the flexibility to come in and focus on my work when I need an office environment. The facilities are great as are the welcoming team. Being a part of the centre allows me to socialise with others too, which is a plus, particularly when working from home can sometimes be isolating." - Rahman PR

    Boston Enterprise Centre Home Worker Hub Setup

    Boston Enterprise Centre Exterior