The Hidden Gem Cafe, Edwinstowe

Discover Edwinstowe’s best kept secret, The Hidden Gem cafe at Edwinstowe House offers quality breakfasts, sandwiches, drinks and more at excellent prices. Catering for our hosted conferences, training events and office space tenants, The Hidden Gem cafe is also open to the public and can be accessed through reception from Edwinstowe House.

Open Monday to Friday, 8am – 3pm

Our Menu

Order in person or phone us on: 01623 827618

Hidden Gem Cafe Drinks Menu
Chilled Cans £1.00
Tea £1.00
Herbal Tea £1.50
Americano £1.00
Flat White £1.50
Latte £1.80
Cappuccino £1.80
Mocha £1.80
Hot Chocolate £1.80
Deluxe Hot Chocolate £2.30
Hidden Gem Cafe On Toast Menu
Toast & Jam £1.50
Beans on Toast £2.75
Poached Egg on Toast £2.75
Poached Egg & Mushrooms on Toast £2.95
Hidden Gem Cafe Breakfast Menu
Full English Breakfast £6.75
2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, hash brown, beans, tomato and toast
Small Breakfast £5.50
1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 egg, mushrooms, hash brown, beans, tomato and toast
Bacon Cob £2.85
Sausage Cob £2.85
Bacon & Sausage Cob £3.75
Add an egg, mushrooms or hash brown for 50p
Breakfast Pot £2.00
Muesli, Greek yoghurt and fruit compote
Hidden Gem Breakfast Wraps Menu
Bacon, Hash Brown, Egg & Cheese £2.85
Sausage, Hash Brown, Egg & Cheese £2.85
Add scrambled egg, mushrooms or beans for 50p each
Hidden Gem Cafe Chips Menu
Hand Cut Chips £2.00
Cheesy Chips £2.75
Chips & Beans £2.75

Hidden Gem Cafe Jacket Potatoes Menu
Jacket Potato with Butter £3.00
Jacket Potato with Cheese & Beans £3.50
Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayo £3.75
Jacket Potato with Chicken Mayo £3.95
Add coleslaw for 50p
Hidden Gem Cafe Omelettes Menu
Plain Omelette £3.00
Cheese Omelette £3.50
Mushroom Omelette £3.50
Ham Omelette £3.75
Cheese & Onion Omelette £3.75
Add an extra omelette filling for 50p
Hidden Gem Cafe Sandwiches, Cobs & Baguettes Menu
Sandwich/Cob Baguette
Cheese & Onion £2.50 £2.95
Cheese & Tomato £2.50 £2.95
Egg Mayo £2.50 £2.95
Tuna Mayo £2.75 £2.95
Ham & Tomato £2.75 £2.95
Chicken Mayo £2.95 £2.95
Add a side of chips for £1.00
Hidden Gem Cafe Paninis & Wraps Menu
Cheese Panini £2.95
Cheese & Onion Panini £2.95
Ham & Cheese Panini £2.95
Tuna & Cheese Panini £2.95
Add tomato, onion or ham for 50p each
Breaded Chicken Wrap £2.95
Hidden Gem Salad Menu
House Salads from £3.50

Allergies and Intolerance: Please speak to a member of our staff if you require information about our ingredients

The Hidden Gem Cafe Inside Edwinstowe House