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Edwinstowe House can help you create the right impression for your business with our Virtual Office packages.


When making a decision…

Top tips for finding the right virtual office for your business

  • Visit the address
    Even though you aren’t physically based in the building, you need to make sure the address sets the right first impression for your business. Go check it out for yourself, as one day you may want to move your business there!
  • The more flexible the contract the better
    When finding the right virtual office for you make sure you check the terms of the contract. Virtual offices are ideal for creating a good impression for your business, but if it’s a short term solution then make sure you’re not tied into a 12 month contract. We’d always recommend entering an agreement where all that’s needed is a 4 week notice of termination to minimise costs for your business.
  • Test the service yourself
    If you are choosing a virtual office package that involves call handling, always ring reception unannounced to test how they handle your calls. The virtual office team handling your calls will be an extension of your business, you need to have the confidence that they take your business calls if you are ever unavailable.
  • Join a business community
    As you are registering your company with a physical address, you should find a virtual office provider that actively looks to provide you with the same opportunities as physical office tenants. Whether that be tenant networking events, discounted meeting rooms, or website promotion, you want to find a virtual office provider who treats you as part of the business community, an actively looks to integrate you with the other businesses within the building.  So do your research!


Our innovative alternative to office space

Don’t have the need for office space but want to create a stronger business presence?

Edwinstowe House can help you create the right impression for your business with our Virtual Office packages.

Edwinstowe House Virtual Office packages start from just £20 per month and include mail forwarding, call handling, website listing, as well as your company name is displayed in our thriving reception.


Who are virtual offices suitable for?

Start-up and home based businesses that don’t require physical office space, but want to register their business to an address that is widely respected in the business community.

Established businesses who wish to expand without the need for physical office space.


Why our virtual office offer is different

Our experience and support has seen 40% of Edwinstowe House Virtual Office tenants make the transition from a Virtual Office to traditional office space within 2 years.


Enquire today!

If you would like more Virtual Office advice contact us today to find out how our flexible Virtual Office solutions can meet your business presence needs.

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