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Edwinstowe House is home to a wide range of over 30 businesses. We talk to Tracey Wathall, the Centre Manager at Edwinstowe House to find out about the new businesses setting up home in Edwinstowe House and how the centre has evolved over the recent year to become a thriving business community for the village.

“We have been tucked away at the bottom end of the Highstreet for some time and over the last few years, we have made a real effort to re-connect with the Highstreet. We have created a new footpath and entrance, bringing the centre even closer to the heart of the Highstreet.”

The improved access has encouraged more businesses to take the next step in their journey, businesses who would typically set up in their homes have had the confidence to take purpose-built spaces.

The business centre has seen a marked increase in the number of health and wellbeing businesses joining their community, a trend which has brought a new dynamic to the centre.

Tracey Commented: “Edwinstowe House is now home to 8 dedicated health, beauty and wellbeing businesses that compliment our more traditional tenants such as accountants, a bridal studio, consultants, construction, seamstress and IT businesses.

The new health and wellbeing businesses include an acupuncturist, sports massage, a beautician, therapists and councillors, hairdresser/barber and slimming world. There is always a real buzz around the building and it’s wonderful to see so many new businesses joining us.”

Meet Purple Lotus, Acupuncture and Reflexology, she said: “Last year made the move to Edwinstowe house. I feel very much at home in Edwinstowe house and there is a real sense of community. I find everyone so warm and welcoming and often have a chat and answer questions about acupuncture. Having my clinic here has made a great impact on my business, it has enabled me to expand and help more people. Giving me that space to enable me to grow as a business and as a person.”

Meet Hair by fay, a Balmain prestige salon, offering luxury bespoke hairdressing services. She said: “Being based in Edwinstowe House is absolutely fantastic. Its wonderful being able to have a lovely view of the gardens and a calming relaxing atmosphere.”

In addition to the business Edwinstowe House is also home to a number of weekly health and wellbeing sessions such as twice weekly candlelit and mindful Yoga. Slimming World also hold their meetings at the centre and popular business networking events such as 3Cs Networking which takes place monthly.

Tracey added“One of the things that sets Edwinstowe House apart is our flexibility and support we can offer businesses. I would like to think we are unique and different from other centres as we are always connecting businesses together, encouraging collaboration and growth within the business community. Now we have a range of shop front style businesses, it’s vital that we bring passing trade into the centre to support this further.”

That’s not all, the centre also hosts large conferences and exhibitions which brings many people from across the region to Edwinstowe, bringing footfall to the high street and surrounding areas.

Tracey added…“Businesses now have the confidence to start face to face events, conferences and exhibitions. On Saturday 2nd October we hosted the Parchment and Craft Exhibition in one of our large conferencing rooms. The event attracted over 100 people and brought tutors and enthusiasts together to demonstrate and exhibit their work. It was pleasing to see lots of people explore the Highstreet after their visit here.”

Tracey concluded, “many businesses have been through tough times over the last 18 months, having been able to work with and support all of our businesses here, it has been truly rewarding to see every one of them innovate, adapt and bounce back even stronger. With the support of the wider community in Edwinstowe I am confident we will continue to see the Highstreet and Edwinstowe House go from strength to strength.”

If you are interested in finding out more about what Edwinstowe House has to offer, follow them on Facebook (Edwinstowe House), contact Tracey or pop in and see them.

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Edwinstowe House is part of the Woodhead Group.