Clumber Consultancy

When Darren Toms left his job with an international insurance group, he didn’t expect to be setting up his own business. But thanks to the support of the team at Edwinstowe House which is managed by Woodhead Enterprise, the North-Notts-based entrepreneur is seeing his business grow exponentially.

Clumber Consultancy provides pension scheme solutions to insolvency practitioners looking to maintain pension scheme entitlement for the beneficiaries when a firm goes into insolvency.

“Because we get introduced to a company and its employees at a very difficult time, there can often be a great deal of reticence about our intentions – they think we’re there to take their pensions away,” said Darren. “In fact we’re actually the good guys undertaking a forensic review of the pension scheme position at the date of insolvency, ensuring employees don’t lose their pensions.”

When Darren began his business as a one-man band, he contacted the team at Edwinstowe House and became a virtual tenant, which meant he had an address for his post to be delivered to, but was still based at home.

Quickly business moved on and Darren needed an office space within Edwinstowe House. Starting on his own in a smaller unit, Darren quickly noticed the benefits of being part of the Edwinstowe House business community. He said: “This place just has everything you need as a small business, not only the space and the facilities such as the conference rooms, canteen and plentiful parking, but the building managers like Tracey and her team are incredibly supportive.

“The investment Woodhead Enterprise is now making in the whole building and the plans for the future are fantastic and will make a real difference to all the tenants, new and existing.”

Through the team at Edwinstowe House, Darren was also put in touch with Growth Accelerator, a business growth tool set up by the Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

“Growth Accelerator has been priceless to me and my team,” Darren enthused. “Without this steer from the Edwinstowe House team here, I don’t think we’d be moving on at such a pace and growing as successfully as we are.”

As the business has grown, staff at Edwinstowe House have been committed to supporting Darren, providing larger office space, allowing him and his team to grow into their new space which now allows room for an additional branch of the business, Clumber Insurance.

Darren concluded: “This place is worth every penny we pay in rent. They’re always being pro-active to improve Edwinstowe House and in the support they provide to tenants. We now know we have plenty of room to grow and we’ll certainly be here as long as they can keep us.”