Boston Enterprise Centre Tenant Provides Apprentice Boost



It’s National Apprenticeship Week and one of our tenants here at Boston Enterprise Centre, HS Health Group Ltd, has recently taken on Ellie Baines as a Business and Administration Apprentice. It’s great to see our office space helping HS Health Group to flourish.

Jessica Beck, Deputy Service Manager, says “We at HS Health Group Ltd are now hosting our second apprentice, and we are supportive of this scheme to train and develop the future workforce. We are a local company that is continuing to grow, and we feel that providing an apprenticeship is a good way of investing in our community.

Apprenticeships give people a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and develop those that they already have. They also bring fresh thinking into our business and allows our staff to develop themselves through mentoring.

A major issue for some people, particularly young people, entering the job market, is that they have no experience within a particular job or work in general. I have been to plenty of interviews and seen many job descriptions that have asked for experience. People need to be given the opportunity to get this experience and for someone to take a chance on them. Apprenticeships do this and allow participants to earn qualifications that support and direct their work experience.

It is great that we as a company are able to offer people this chance and get on the first rung on their career ladder and to develop themselves. Speaking from experience, apprenticeships give people the confidence to move forward and gain confidence in a supportive environment. We have seen people grow both inside and outside of the work environment, and it is rewarding to be a part of this. HS Health Group works with Boston College to deliver apprenticeships and find the team there supportive and helpful.”