6 Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Office



Improvements in technology and the way organisations communicate has led to some major changes in the way they do business. It is now fairly straightforward for a business owner to setup and operate from a spare bedroom or even a garden shed. This works well for many small businesses but it also comes with some drawbacks, many of which can be eliminated by using a virtual office service.

Virtual offices are used by businesses of all sizes from student start-up ventures, home-based eBay sellers, tradespeople, SMEs right through to national and international companies. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to join them today.


Corporate Image

Rarely does a home address give the professional impression that most businesses deserve. Meeting with clients at a kitchen table will suit very few businesses and a prospective client landing on a Google image of your house or garden shed may not be filled with confidence. Using a virtual office can boost your image as you will be able to use a professional business address on your business cards, letterheads, emails and on social media and your website. When people search for your business location online they will no longer be presented with an image of your house, instead they see a professional, appropriate, and perhaps familiar Business Centre. First impressions count.


Testing New Markets

Are you considering a business expansion by reaching out to new markets or territories? Many people like to buy from local businesses. Your business address might work perfectly in your local area but it may be putting off potential clients from other towns or counties. This is easily resolved by opening a virtual office in the very location where you want to expand. Consider using virtual offices in different locations as part of your marketing and business expansion strategy.


Never Miss a Delivery

How frustrating is it when you get home to find a missed delivery note on your doormat? If your business relies on goods or documents being signed for on delivery then a virtual office service might be for you. If you operate a business which means you spend a lot of time away from your home or office then a virtual office could help. Many business centres are manned during normal working hours and their staff will always be there, ready to sign for your deliveries and deal with them according to your pre-agreed instructions.


Access to Business Facilities

Most business centres have resources that you, as a virtual office customer, can tap into on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. One week you might need support with the scanning or photocopying of documents, the next you might require a small room to conduct interviews or a conference room to deliver a sales presentation. You may just need to get away from the everyday distractions at home to focus on an important project. A virtual office service is a highly flexible extension to your own business.


Stability and Compliance

No matter where you choose to live, your virtual office address can remain the same. This gives your customers a feeling of stability and reliability of service. People who rent their homes may not be permitted to run their business from home and those with mortgages may find themselves in breach of their lender’s conditions by doing so. Military personnel or university students who are setting up in business will particularly feel the benefits of a stable business address that they can take with them when they relocate.


Security and Convenience

In business, things can go wrong. If your home-based business involves high value goods or cash then your home is a potential target for criminals. If additionally, you advertise your home as your business address then customers, suppliers and salespeople will turn up at inconvenient times. With a virtual office, some of these risks can be reduced. The staff at the business centre can deal with all your visitors on your behalf and pass on messages to you to deal with at your convenience.


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